5 websites to stalk when you are bored AF at work

5 websites to stalk when you are bored AF at work

If you are anything like me, you need at least 17 incognito internet searches a day to get you through the monotonous 9-5 work-lyf. Why can't we all be billionaires, soaking in a bath of Verve champagne and gulping oysters on a Monday afternoon? That bath water would be feral but count me in.

Below are my top five escapes that make me LOL and keep me entertained when budgets, agenda's and never-ending filing looms over me like a demanding and annoying work ghost who never got the memo that I’m actually not keen. I swiped left, work ghost.

The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson is my ultimate girl crush. She is funny, openly and proudly weird and has a way of making you feel like she is your best friend without knowing her personally.

In The Bloggess own words, "I’ve been blogging about my strange little life for over a decade. It’s mainly dark humour mixed with brutally honest periods of mental illness". 

Reddit No Sleep

If you want to add a touch of creep into your workday, this thread is for you!

Warning: It’s addictive and you will 100% find yourself in a terrifying reading hole and when an employee comes over to your desk to offer you a biscuit, but surprises you - you will have a heart attack.

That's Life

Get ready for stories like "I married my best friends, husbands, grandfather's cat" or "I ate a carrot and now I'm a millionaire". It's so bad that it's good.


You may already be familiar with Mamamia because it is the bee's knees in global entertainment news, work/career, lifestyle reviews and relationships articles. The fab Mia Freeman is also behind “Lady Startup” which supports and celebrates female start-ups, which is insanely important. You can support Lady Startup here.

Collective Hub

Collective Hub is a multi-platform publication with a fresh perspective on the issues that matter across business, design, tech, social change, fashion, travel, food, film, art and more.

Basically, it's a cool time and the Collective Hubs definition of what it is, is way better than mine.

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