A Xmas gift guide based on personality

one block jigsaw

Buying gifts is hard work. I wish Santa was real because he could do me a solid right now - Still kinda maybe believe he is real but I'll keep that to myself.

Below is my gift theory. Hopefully it helps you sleigh gifting baby. 

The Serious One

It feels like a stitch up and maybe that’s because it is - the transparent jigsaw puzzle.


The Sloth

Me describing myself to anyone ever:

This magnificent mess if from Cotton On.


The Loose Unit

A "prescription bottle" stubby holder; the quintessential item for every loose unit out there.

Click here if you are a full time loose unit.

The Lush Bish

This pack has got me craving a sourdough honey crumpet.

This gorgeous gift can got gotten here.

The Fun One 

The Quirky Quirk 

Sorry, but this is just straight up awesome, especially for the birds! Find here.


The Anti-Social One 

Fuck off, what a good gift. 


The Eco Conscious One

This kit gets me more excited than you could imagine. Ah, being over thirty is wild, available on doorsteporganics.



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