Extra spesh ways to spoil your loved ones on their B-days - besides buying them an Unorthobox hamper, obviously *wink*

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Gifting Birthday presents to your fam, friends and partner is one thing (and kinda… fully... 100% expected) but why stop there? Because my wallet ain’t some thick bitch, Brigitte. If that isn’t all of us *sigh*. But what if you could take it to the next level and still remain on budget?


Complete silence:

Me: So here are my top tier recommendations on spoiling someone.

Plan a surprise

It can be as small as a cupcake they didn’t see coming or as big as a whole goddamn surprise parttt-ay. All surprises are good surprises as long as they don’t come in the form of a bill in the mail, unless you pay their bill, that is a good surprise. Oh my god, I would love that for me.

Breakfast in bed

It’s a classic but classics exist for a reason - you can’t go wrong with a classic. Or bacon. Or bacon and eggs squished inside a brioche bun. Drooling, an all time winner.

Get crafty - use them fine motor skills hunni

Unless you're a mum or dad receiving a present from your under 10-year-old child, homemade gifts are a solid let down.

That is UNLESS it’s an additional present that nobody saw coming, which makes it intimate and thoughtful. However, if you are extremely talented in the crafts department (I hate you), go for gold and make the entire present from scratch - you Pinterest weapon.

Plan an activity they love, but you always moan about when you have to do it with them

I lovvvvve picnics, especially boozy, sunset ones, but my boyfriend doesn’t vibe them. He tells me he gets nervous drinking in public and then I wonder why I’m dating such a pussy. However, on my birthday he always participates and even organises a picnic for me. It makes it that much sweeter.

Make the effort to actually give them a birthday card

It used to be the norm to always supply a card when giving someone a present but somewhere along the way, we all got a bit lazy, eh? I’ve been guilty more than once of buying a nice bottle of wine, shoving it in a gift bag and calling it a day. Cards are sentimental beauties that need attention because more often than not they are the things that get saved in a shoebox and pulled out years later, creating beautiful and tearful worthy memories. Also, please write something more profound than:

“Dear Ebony,

Happy Birthday. Have a good day.

Love Ash”

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